Ol´ Town

I went the other day to Old Town with my mum, the first time we came to San Diego I have to say we were a little disappointed with Old Town because it was just like Mexico and us coming from Mexico we were kind of expecting something different because of all the hype Old Town has here in San Diego. Now that Ive been living here for a while and I havent set foot in Mexico for the last 6 months Old Town reminds me of home. Whenever Im homesick or craving vegetarian enchiladas you will find me there, walking the colorful streets and listening to the mariachis songs.

BeFunky_DSC_0731.jpg BeFunky_DSC_0736.jpg


There is this place Los Reyes thats amaaaazing, and all the little candy stores take me back to when I was 8 years old at my friends parties taking all the piñatas candies I could fit under my huge dress.

Anyhow, If you are expecting something different from Mexico don´t even bother to come here, its like being in Tijuana for a day but if you are expecting the Mexican experience and a little texmex food, this is your place.

You will find everything from spicy lollypops to tamales and margaritas.

BeFunky_DSC_0744.jpg BeFunky_DSC_0746.jpg


Cardigan: Forever21

Booties: Chloe

Jeans: Lucky Brand Jeans

Bag: Kate Spade


Page 35 Tuesdays

Hello guys! How are you all?

Im amazing, Ive been doing lots of new projects that I cannot wait to share with you all.

I have also been in LA for a while now. I like this city a lot but its not San Diego, so im actually excited to head back home this weekend.


I went to SDSU with my mom the other day, my roommates go to school there and theres my train station, this was the first time I actually went inside the University and I have to say I was amazed, the university is huge and lovely.

Its like a little city, where you practically have everything you will possibly need, unlike FIDM where we don´t have a cafeteria and only one vending machine haha.

Anyhow, the weather was a little chilly so I decided to use my Zara coat and pair the outfit with my new black jeans, my over-worn booties and my beloved Kate Spade.

BeFunky_DSC_0688.jpg BeFunky_immmage (1).jpg newpost.jpg


I have to say I have neeeever worn the same pair of shoes that much but aaaahhh, these bad boys are soooo comfortable and pretty I cannot get enough of them.

Do you guys like the outfit?

Until tomorrow, Montserrat Varela.


Coat: Zara

Jeans: Rag&Bone

Booties: Stuart Weitzman

Bag: Kate Spade


Page 34 Beach Dayz

Hello everyone!! How has your week been so far? What were you up to during the weekend?

I have been suuuper busy and happy, my mum is still with me and we’ve been traveling and visiting so many places I cant even begin to tell you.

We went to LA last week and today we are going to La Jolla, one of my favorite places here in San Diego.

I cannot wait to show her around and have lunch at George at the Cove ( one of my favorite places to eat in La Jolla)

I went with my mum to PB the other day and she loved it!


Im over the moon to have her here still but she is leaving soon and that upsets me, because its very hard to be away from people you love in order to follow your dreams and have the life you always hope to have.

Im sure being with friends will help me get by the next days after my mum goes back home, meanwhile I just want to keep visiting and showing her new places here in my beautiful city.


Until tomorrow; Montserrat Varela.


Page 33 The Month of L O V E


It was this time last year when I started to re-discover LUSH, and I have been pretty addicted ever since. However, I recently realised that there’s a whole different level of LUSH worshipping and all you have to do is go on Instagram and do a search for the lush hashtag to see how much of a fan some people are, it’s incredible, I never knew!

Anyway, it was last year’s Valentine’d Day Range at LUSH that captured me back in to the brand. Before that, I had tried plenty of bath bombs, all of which made me itch. Although I still have to be cautious of some bath bombs, I have learned of the new and improved formulas, and the variety of products meant that I could get on that bandwagon once again.

There has been teasers on the new LUSH collection just before it’s launch this weekend and I’ve been on the website to check out the new arrivals. Here’s what’s in store at LUSH this Valentine’s!

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar:
I saw this a few weeks ago when I was looking up Japanese LUSH products. I don’t remember what led me to do this but I wanted to see if there was anything different to the products they sell in UK stores. The Unicorn Horn was one of the things I saw and I thought it looks so cool. I’m happy to see this bubble bar as part of the Valentine’s Day collection! I believe the actual bubble bar itself is longer than shown in the picture, and resembles more like a unicorn horn. It has got pretty rainbow colours, covered in the right amount of shimmer and finished off with candy stars. It has lavendar, neroli and ylang-ylang in this bubble bar.

Lonely Heart Bubble Bar:
This gold shimmery heart is a bright, vibrant red on the inside. I’m not sure what I think of all that gold lustre… it makes the bath water look nice but the shimmer dust gets everywhere! Lonely Heart is made of refreshing bergamot, rose absolute, and lemongrass oil. I don’t know, I think I might give this one a miss.

Heart Throb Bubbleroon:
Bubbleroons are similar to bubble bars in the way that you use them but bubbleroons are a body conditioner that contain organic shea butter which makes the water nice and milky, as well as keeping your skin lovely and soft. A nice option for those with dry skin.

The Kiss Lip Scrub:
The lip scrubs are amazing! I always look forward to the new flavours. The Kiss is a sweet flavoured lip scrub made of caster sugar, sea salt, edible hearts and sugar sprinkles.

Love Locket Bath Bomb:
I tried this one last year and really liked it, so I’m glad it’s back for another season! At £6.96, it’s pretty pricy for a bath bomb but it only comes round once a year AND it has a little surprise inside (a miniature heart shaped bath bomb) plus pink paper heart confetti. I remember splitting this up and got two baths out of it.

Prince Charming Shower Gel:
I remember the hype of this from last year but I didn’t get a chance to pick a bottle up for myself. By the time I remembered, it had been taken off the shelves. Prince Charming shower gel is blended with marshmallow root, fairtrade vanilla and pomegranate juice, grapefruit and almond oil.

Floating Flower Bath Bomb:
This is brand new to the collection and I’ve already seen what it is like on Instagram. It fizzes in the water and creates a really colourful combination of colours. It’s really pretty, and as you can imagine, has a floral scent to it.

The Kiss Lip Gloss:
I have to say, I’m not keen on LUSH lip glosses. At first, I didn’t think it was too bad but I find it quite drying after a few applications. I love the shade of The Kiss, but I won’t be giving this lip gloss a go this year.

Cupid’s Love (soap):
The overall shape of the soap is a love heart and cupid’s bow but in true LUSH style, this is cut up in to chunks and slabs. You buy the soaps by weight or size, and you can get as little or as much as you like. I LOVE the soaps at LUSH, they’re the best soaps! It leaves your skin feeling soft, hydrated and smelling nice! Cupid’s Love is on my wishlist, for sure! The soap is made from passionfruit juice, soya yoghurt, fresh figs and bergamot!

Is there anything you’d like to try from this collection?

All of these products are available in store and online now!

Page 32 Faux Fur

Happy Monday everyone! What are you guys up to? How did your weekend went?

Ive been showing my mum the city since she came here and weve been walking, shopping and eating non stop!

We went to IHOP for breakfast and it was freezing cold that morning, I decided it was about time to use my favorite fur vest I bought while I was living in Switzerland.BeFunky_DSC_0886.jpgFUR1.jpg

This vest was my BF during my time in Geneve, its soooo comfy and so warm I think it has been one of my best investments so far, and Im so glad I got to use it again in California now!

I paired the outfit with basic clothing pieces to give it a more casual look.

Do you guys like it?


Vest: Manor from Switzerland

Tshirt: Banana Republic

Jeans: Forever 21

Booties: ALDO

Bag: Kate Spade

Page 31 LV for the ride

Hello everyone, how have you guys been? What are you guys up to this weekend?

Today I decided to stay home as long as I can, I went out last night and Im exhausted really.

I wore this outfit the other day at the mall and its one of the most comfortable and cozy outfits ever and the wedges are sooooo comfortable you totally forget you are wearing heels.

I paired up my outfit with my beloved LV  that goes with everything.

Do you guys like it?

Until tomorrow, Montserrat Varela.


Scarf: MANOR in Switzerland 

T-shirt: Banana Republic

Cardigan: Forever 21

Pants: DVF

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Wedges: Ivanka Trump