Ol´ Town

I went the other day to Old Town with my mum, the first time we came to San Diego I have to say we were a little disappointed with Old Town because it was just like Mexico and us coming from Mexico we were kind of expecting something different because of all the hype Old Town has here in San Diego. Now that Ive been living here for a while and I havent set foot in Mexico for the last 6 months Old Town reminds me of home. Whenever Im homesick or craving vegetarian enchiladas you will find me there, walking the colorful streets and listening to the mariachis songs.

BeFunky_DSC_0731.jpg BeFunky_DSC_0736.jpg


There is this place Los Reyes thats amaaaazing, and all the little candy stores take me back to when I was 8 years old at my friends parties taking all the piñatas candies I could fit under my huge dress.

Anyhow, If you are expecting something different from Mexico don´t even bother to come here, its like being in Tijuana for a day but if you are expecting the Mexican experience and a little texmex food, this is your place.

You will find everything from spicy lollypops to tamales and margaritas.

BeFunky_DSC_0744.jpg BeFunky_DSC_0746.jpg


Cardigan: Forever21

Booties: Chloe

Jeans: Lucky Brand Jeans

Bag: Kate Spade



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