Page 26 Mom came visit

Hello everyone, sorry for posting so late today, but better late than never right? I went to pick up my mum from the airport early in the morning and I was late!! The traffic was hectic and people seem to freak out when its raining so that didn’t help either. Anyways I saw her at the airport and we both cried and hugged for ages, my mom and I are super close and not seeing each other for 6 months its a lot really.

Im over the moon with my mum here, honestly its unreal and she makes me feel like I was back home safe and spoiled. I cannot wait to go shopping, eating and discovering with her and I cannot wait for her to meet my friends and take her to my school again. I wish she could stay with me forever…

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We decided to go grab breakfast-lunch-dinner today at IHOP and it was delicious! Im a huge fan of buttermilk pancakes and hash browns, we also went shopping to IKEA and bought loads of stuff for my new apartment. We came home just now and we are about to watch our favorite TV shows and stay on the couch.


Im so excited for this weeks with my mum!

How was your Monday guys?

Until tomorrow; Montserrat Varela.





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