Page 23 Happy Birthday to my one and only

Hello everyone, first Im sorry for the lack of posting these past days, thing is, Im great. Yes I know you would probably had thought Ive been busy or sad or whatever but blogging serves me as a therapy, Its a way to express myself and what Im feeling at the moment and seeing your lovely comments, likes or follows makes me happy and makes me wanna do better in all aspects of life. Now, Ive been going out a lot and Ive just been doing loads of things, without time to sit and write. I do missed blogging so I promise I will keep up with my daily blogging.

Today is the birthday of the most important boy in my life, words cannot explain how much I love him and how much he means to me.

He is my little brother and honestly it really doesn’t matter how old or tall he gets he will always be my little brother. Its crazy how time goes by fast, I mean yesterday my mum was waking us both up to have breakfast and go to school, now Im in San Diego face-timing my brother to say ¨ Happy Birthday I`ve Missed You ¨,  he is about to finish High School and about to move to Spain. Its crazy now looking back and watching it all change in a blink of an eye.


Realizing things wont ever be the same makes me want to appreciate it all more and be more grateful for what I have right now, Im so blessed to have my little brother by my side, he is my best friend, my confident my dream and my nightmare. He is my hero and I love sharing my life and experiences with someone as amazing as him, he has made my life an adventure and I wouldn’t have it any other way, my life without him wouldn’t be the same, I love that I can look back and I see all the laughs and stupid games we used to pay, Its been a hell of a ride and I cannot wait to share more adventures with this one.


Happy birthday little one I love you!!



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