Page 20 Little Reminder

There are times in life when we feel lost and we just feel disconnected of it all. Times when we don´t understand why things happen…when did it all started to change? Why me?

Well its all happening for a reason, a reason you might not be able to understand just now but I promise you will., Sometimes things have to fall apart to get back together and things have to break for you to realize it just maybe wasn’t for you.

Ive been through a lot, Ive have a lot of happy and sad times in my life, times when happiness was an ever present emotion and times when sadness was just overwhelming…Ive been there and Im okay.

Ive learned that when its your time it really doesn’t matter what you do, things will happen and when its not it doesn’t matter what you do they wont happen. Its just the way life works, we all get to live life the way we should, and sometimes its not whats happening to us but the way we look at whats happening.

I know Im rambling but what I wanted to say its, that whatever you are feeling right now is valid, if you are going through hard times they will eventually go away I promise, and if you are living the life of your dreams, yei to you, you deserve it!

I just wanted to let you know Im here and that I get it. That we’ve all been there and we are okay.


Util tomorrow, Montserrat Varela.




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