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I do love an app to procrastinate. Pinterest is definitely where I spend a lot of time, pinning to my hearts content and well dreaming away the hours of having a perfect wardrobe, dreamy house and the ability to cook perfect brownies. A girl can dream anyways? I realised I don’t think, I’ve ever done a post on Pinterest before, so why not talk about some of my current favourite pins and pinners. I find pinterest, a really inspiring app where I get inspiration for my wardrobe, the home and even for my blog.

pinterest pins

If you haven’t already got the app, I would totally recommend getting this app, as well as being a great way to procrastinate, I also find pinning quite relaxing and a way of shutting off from the world and technology, though I am using technology. That makes no sense but you get my drift.

My current favourite pins, feature houses with big cozy sofa’s, I am dreaming of having a big enough living room to fit a big sofa in for all three of us to lounge on comfortably. I also love pinning pins of fairy lights, I know Christmas is over, but I’m still allowed to have a ton of fairy lights around right? Right? Outfit wise, I’m going through a very casual phase, ripped jeans and knitwear. I’ve been craving this grungy grey cardigan from a pin for ages, I’m just yet to find an exact dupe. Beauty wise, I’ve been pinning lighter blonde highlighted hair, could 2015 be the year, I finally take the plunge to the lighter side? My hair board on Pinterest suggests so. Make up wise, it’s all about the glowy dewy base, but how I can never recreate the same beautiful looks I’ve pinned on my boards. Also that iced coffee? Let’s just look at that for a moment. Dreamy.

So my favourite pinners are; Popcosmo,Hannah, Beauty Full Homes, Suzie, Sarah & Gem. These all pin, pins that I am into and have similar taste fashion, interior and beauty to me. I do follow lots of other great pinners too, but these were the ones who came to the top of my brain as my favourites.

Of course if you’d like, you can also follow me on Pinterest too, though I will warn you, I mainly pin pins of all black outfits and all white interior spaces. Haha. So are you into pinterest?



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