Page 11…Beauty musts for 2015

New year new you right?

Beauty  is about feeling beautiful in the inside and reflecting it on the outside, it may be because you’re feeling amazing with your new haircut or because you found out red lips are your thing and it suddenly makes you feel better, like you can conquer the world. Either way, feeling confident goes by hand with feeling beautiful.

Here are the 7 beauty trends for 2015:

1.Smokey eyes: It seems like this bad boys aren´t going anywhere, this year smokey eyes are coming in darker colors such as grey and black.

2. Cherry lips: Im obsessed with them, I just feel they suit every single skin tone. Cherry lips with a matte effect are the new black for 2015.

3. Mermaid curls: If you have curly hair by nature lucky you, you have it eassy!, But if you’re like me a small curling wand will do the job, just make sure to brush it out to achieve a relaxed and careless look.

4. Nude nails: Lets give dark colors a break for a while, and give your hands a classier look with the nude color.

5. Colorful eyeliner: In blue, lilac or even green.

6. Barbie lips: The thing here is to have a matte finish, you can complement your look with a glowy skin finish!

7. Low pony: The easiest hairstyle ever right? Try brushing your hair and then tie it as low as you can, try to make this a more classy hairstyle using hairspray and brushing it through again.

Do you like them? Im in love with all of this trends, Im feeling cherry lips, low pony and nude nails… What about you guys??

Until tomorrow, Montserrat Varela.




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