Page 9 Being Grateful

I often find myself wanting more, it sometimes doesn’t matter how much I have I will find myself wanting, either something I honestly dont need, something I love or something new. I think ambition and wanting stuff either material or spiritual is very important. I dont like to settle not ever but today I was thinking… When to stop wanting and start being more grateful for what I have?

Sometimes Ill say ¨Ok I will just buy this coat and be good for the month ¨ and after buying my coat Ill say ¨ Ok just this other thing and Ill be good ¨. This thing goes over and over again until I end up buying more things than I could actually wear and some of them are still hanging on my closet waiting for me to use them for the first time.

Its amazing to want things, the thrill of something new and such but also, being grateful for what we have right now is everything. This month as I wrote on one of my previous posts I want to do things that will make me a better person and Being Grateful is one of them, being grateful for what I have right now, for the things that Im living and the things Ive accomplished so far.

Also the fact of pointing out to yourself the things you already have will make you realize you have a lot already, you will start to appreciate everything and actually be more content with the moment, also you will attract positive things in your life that will give you more reasons to be grateful.

I wrote down a list the other day of things Im grateful for, and now I read that list every morning, I guess is a good way to start the day, also I will read it again before bed. This little thing has made me realize I have more than I need and its nice to be reminded of how blessed you are, whenever you are feeling down,whenever you want to feel better or for no reason.

be grateful

I just think is a healthy habit, a habit that makes you a better and improved person, a person who is happy with the moment and grateful for the things he or she already has.

What about you guys? Do you think is important to sometimes stop from wanting and appreciate what we already have? What are you all grateful for?

Until tomorrow, Montserrat Varela.



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