Page 4 Growing Up

My brother has been staying with me for almost two weeks, and those weeks have been one of the best weeks of my life, he is my best friend and having him around is everything.

I moved apartments the 31, I kinda wanted to start this year from zero, new year new life. He helped me move and having him around is like being home in a way, the thing is he is leaving soon, and that sucks. He is the most important boy in my life and I know is going to suck when he leaves, Im used to being with him and I like the idea of living with him here, in my new place. Only he has school and he is moving to Spain this year to start med school.

So that got me thinking…. growing up sucks. It sucks you have to leave people you love behind, it sucks having to leave to figure out who you are, it sucks that sometimes being away is key to accomplish your dreams, it sucks you drift apart from old friends because you are not longer living what they are living, you change schools, cities or even countries and keeping in touch gets harder every day. But also its amazing coming back as a new and improved person is amazing being able to be who you are or at least figure out who you are in a new place, where nobody knows you, its amazing to come back to people you love and be happy because you did what was right for you even if it was hard and you left people behind.

I just think theres nothing better than following your dreams, going places and see where it all leads you, growing up takes you places in mind and body I guess… I dont know, growing up is a concept I have known my entire life It just took me a while to figure out what it meant.


Until tomorrow, Montserrat Varela.




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