Page 2 My bucket list

Im not gonna lie, I always been a huge fan of bucket lists and I actually have one, a life bucket list, I did it when I was 14 maybe and I haven’t added a thing or looked at it twice. I just thought I would always have time to do them, since its a LIFE bucket list I thought.. ¨Yeah I have all my life to do this.¨

The thing is I thought I had time, see we all think we do, and we often leave things for ¨ later ¨ so this year I decided I would make a monthly bucket and wish list. I´ll try to accomplish as many things I can in one month. In this way I´ll have more things done in one month and I´ll hopefully have my new bucket list done by the end of January. In this bucket list I just wanna do realistic things and things that will get me closer to the dreams Ive always had. I want a bucket list that will help me be a better version of me and yeah I might add some shopping haha, hopefully this will give you all an inspiration and stop you from wishing and make you start doing things. In fact we should all do this together, why don’t you start today? What do you want to accomplish by this month? What is that that you keep putting for later? Lets all start now, today….

January bucket and wish list:

until tomorrow.. Montserrat Varela.




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